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Welcome To Dell17's Photo Gallery

One of my main interests is Photography. Below are a few pictures of Interest I've taken through the years. Click on the desired Thumbnail to enlarge the image. 

Great Motel to stay!

Bridge over troubled water

Old fashioned car alarm

My favorite gas station

My empire under construction

Elvis in the building

Fill er up!

Ahhhh, those golden years!

Que Pasa

Me working on the farm

A statue of my Grandfather

My Saturday car

My Sunday car

Panther crossing

Polly wants a cracker

Houses in my neighborhood

My tattoo parlor

The Beatles!

Wake up call

WDEL-TV Satellite system

The band I used at my wedding

A tree in my backyard

A work of Art?

Members of my Cult

Cookie the Red Nose RainDog

My Girlfriend on the Toilet

My 1960 Mobile Home

Baby Dell17

My Lionel Train Collection

My Niece in jail for steeling candy

Camping at Stokes Forrest

Three Freezing Idiots!

Alaska Sunset

Friends of the Family

The Real Superman

My winter home in Alaska

Dell17 shooting pinball

Weekend Blast at My House!

Dell17 on the rocks

In God we trust

Rong, my American Indian friend

My friend Batman

My Sister's Diner

My Summer home in Maine

Winter sunset in New Jersey

My Neighbor, Lady Hawk

Worlds longest tongue

Stranger in the Night

Pat's Pinball Palace

Sunrise at Seaside Park, NJ

Broadcasting from WDEL-FM

My Sister Mabel

Feeding time at the zoo

Watch the Moose!

Don't drink and drive!!

United Nations Weapon Inspectors

Former Enron CEO

UFOs over Southern Maine Coast

Local Church where I Worship God

My new Gal Pal, what a DOLL!

This Bud's for me!

Grabbing a quick bite to eat

Man eating lobster

A pharmacy that sells beer??

Floating Christmas Tree After Snow Storm


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